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3 Common Causes of Water Tanks​ Leaking

Rusting & Cracks

  • Common problem with old tanks
  • Water tank will deteriorate after long period of usage
  • This leads to rust & cracks forming on the panels


  • Water tank expands when weather is hot & contracts when it’s cold
  • The weather in Malaysia can get very hot during the day & cold when it’s raining
  • This constant change of temperature causes tanks to easily crack

Faulty Float Valve

  • A float valve control the flow of water into the tank
  • When the water reached a specified level, the float valve will stop the flow of water
  • A faulty float valve may not stop the inflow of water which causes water overflowing

Not sure what causes the leak?

Let our team of experts check & fix it for you

Water Tank Leakage Detection & Repair​

Observe Water Tank For Leaks

Initial observation to determine the area of the tank that is leaking

Empty Tank for Clearer Inspection

After determining the area with a leak, emptying the water tank will allow you to thoroughly inspect the leaking part

Identify the Severity of Leak

If the lead is due to small cracks, filling the crack will do. If the crack is severe or covers a large area, a more drastic measure needs to be taken

Repair Recommendations

If your water tank is suffering from a small cracks (hairline cracks), depending on the type of tanks you have, filling up the cracks with filler like epoxy resin will do.

For wider, more severe cracks, you may need to replace the panels around the cracks or the whole tank itself if it’s too severe.

Let our team of experts identify & fix the leakage for you

Hire a Water Tank Repair Specialist

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Sectional Panel Water Tanks a.k.a Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP)

Water Tank leakage can be a serious problem because it means continuous water wastages until the leak is fixed.

Thus, it’s important to find the root cause of the leakage and fix it as soon as possible.

Our team of experts specialize in detecting the leak, and advise you with the best solution.

We have experienced in fixing water tank leak caused by rusting, cracks, faulty float valve, and more.

Let our team of experts check & fix it for you

Water Tank Cleaning FAQs

How to detect cracks on my water tank?

Use a light inside your tank to inspect cracks at night. This way, you can spot lights coming out from cracks on the water tank. This is called the candling technique

Is it safe to climb inside the water tank?

Working in a confined space is dangerous and risky. Having professionals carrying out the works are safer

Can I repair my own water tank?

It is best to engage professionals to repair your water tank as you may lack the necessary skillset to properly assess and fix the problem. This is especially true for severe issues

How do I fix cracks on my water tank?

If it’s a small crack, using a filler (i.e epoxy resin) to fill up the crack will works. Make sure to clean the crack area before applying any filler to see the crack better

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