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Jobe Valves: Vortex Partfill Valve 50mm

For Rain Water Harvesting Tanks

Vortex Partfill Valve Description

Vortex Part Fill Valve is a high flow valve for use in rain water harvesting water tanks. The float valve is designed to automatically maintain a low water level in the tank when there are extended periods of no or little rainfall.

This prevents services that use the tank from having any interruptions while also maintaining some capacity in the tank which should be able to refill due to any upcoming rain.

Vortex PartFill Valve 50mm

Applications Of Vortex Partfill Valve

Vortex PartFill Valve 50mm

This Vortex PArtfill Valve is primarily used in maintaining water levels in the following

Vortex Partfill Valve: Features & Operation Principle

Principle Of Operation


Typical Installation of Vortex Partfill Valve
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